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Executive committee member of Guangdong Federation of Industry and Commerce

Chief Executive Officer of Guangdong Group Catering Association                   

Chief Executive Officer of Guangdong Agricultural Products Circulating Association

Member of the 12th CPPCC in Anxi, Fujian Province

President of the Sinodiet International Institutional Catering Industry Association

Vice-chairman of Institutional Catering Committee of China Cuisine Association



Outstanding person award in 30 years of Chinese catering

Creative person award of institutional catering in China




In the peaceful age, a group of people carry weights for us. So, we think we should show our gratitudes in the following three aspects.


Firstly: Show gratitudes to this age. This harmoniously developed society is full of opportunities and challenges, which make us understand that the big era needs a big pattern, while the big pattern needs great wisdom. Therefore, I think we should commit ourselves to the institutional catering industry to meet the unknown challenges of the future.


Secondly: Show gratitudes to Sinodiet institutional catering industry platform. As this platform, with the mission of “developing a healthy food industry and providing healthy meals for the public”, gives everyone more opportunities for growth and development. In the third development year of Sinodiet, we shall keep this mission in mind, pursue it with loyalty and realize it unswervingly. Sinodiet platform is proud of you and I hope that you will be proud of Sinodiet platform.


Thirdly: Show gratitudes to “philanthropists”. Who are “philanthropists”? I think philanthropists include Colleagues, superiors, friends who help us improve and family members who accompany us to grow up. We neglect our family and lessen contact with our friends due to the burden of the cause. So I hope that we can reward them with hard work and progress. In addition, we should think how to develop institutional catering in China in a better way and how to go international at a higher perspective.


In summary, I hope that all Sinodiet families will create a second curve for the construction of a gentleman-level international institutional catering company.


I. Origin of Sinodiet


The institutional catering originates from the dining hall of organs and units in 1990s and it is in a highly distributed status at present: There are more than 180,000 institutional catering enterprises in China, while the top 100 companies account for only 6% of the market share; and among the world's top 500, there are 3 institutional catering enterprises, including sysco ranking first in the USA with the 2016 turnover close to 300 billion, accounting for more than 20% of the market share.


Faced with this situation, we hope to develop a new pattern of industry market with a new model after years of endeavors in the institutional catering industry. Therefore, 4 institutional catering pioneers - Huang Jindun, Li Liqiang, Huang Zhiyong and Huang Ruizhong launched and created Sinodiet Institutional Catering Industry Group in May 2015. With the whole employee stock ownership and partnership fission platform model in the group, all employees are bosses and shareholders.


Over the past two years, the partnership fission model of Sinodiet has generated more and more significant results. At present, the Operation Manager of a dining hall can also become a boss in the form of “technology + capital” double-shareholding. This model allows the dining hall management to change its previous top-to-bottom supervision mode, thus facilitating the work to be done more efficiently.


II. 4 current situations of the institutional catering in China:


(1) The revenue threshold for top 100 institutional catering enterprises in China was 100 million in 2016.

(2) Current food material distribution mode still plays the role of senior porter for Chinese institutional catering.

(3) The store operation mode of Chinese institutional catering is just like the status of Wu Dalang’s store (praise the goods one sells).

(4) Business development mode of Chinese institutional catering is “rice-drunk” gang + “holiday gifts”.


III. Our future ways:


The main sponsors of Sinodiet firmly grasp the best opportunity for the integration of the institutional catering industry, and build a whole industrial chain of healthy foods from seeds to chopsticks, and strive to be Alibaba in the institutional catering industry. Full name of Sinodiet is Sinodiet International Institutional Catering Industry. So what factors are required for the internationalization of Sinodiet?


Firstly, international talent pool

Create institutional catering business college providing professionals for the institutional catering industry. The development trend of institutional catering is based on the changes in consumer demand, which is the tendency of the company's construction direction and marketing focus. Talents are vital to the development of a country and a company. Therefore, cultivation or introduction of international talents and outstanding talents in the industry is the indispensable foundation for internationalization.


Secondly, international technology level

The industry-leading technology may be deemed as the real core competitiveness, which makes the enterprise irreplaceable. High and new technology is the core to maintain the profitability. At the same time, food safety control level is also a decisive factor for the development of the institutional catering enterprise.


Thirdly, global market strategy

For internationalization, we must have an international market. At present, Sinodiet has developed from Guangdong to the whole nation and even the international market - it has set the first overseas enterprise in the Philippines.


Fourthly, international capital pattern

The institutional catering industry with capital infusion will achieve rapid expansion and build brand awareness, thus forming a brand effect. Capital will become a powerful booster for the brand's long-term development. International capital is essential for internationalization.

IV. How to realize these objectives specifically?


I think, we can ask this question in this way: How to become a happy cat in Sinodiet?


(1) Initial period: As Deng Xiaoping said in the early days of the reform and opening up “Whether a cat is black or white makes no difference. As long as it catches mice, it is a good cat. Sinodiet proposes a new model of competition and cooperation development - from the scaled, vertical and horizontal development, develop institutional catering industry resources sharing such as the integration of upstream and downstream links, supply chain coordination, regional sales resources integration and human resources integration a community of high-quality interests with shared values. Therefore, in the initial stage, it is emphasized that individuals and single-store operation must be strong.


(2) Medium term (Phase II): A cat that catches live mice is a good cat. Live mice are more sustainable than dead mice. It is not just a one-time collaboration.


We should open up cooperation, make national layout, and expand the scale of the association. Sinodiet achieves comprehensive layout in four regions (namely Southern China, Eastern China, Northern China and Southwest China) and set an overseas company (Philippine company) within only two years. It operates more than 2,000 restaurants in China, with more than 30,000 association employees and more than 8 billion annual expenditures.


(3) Mature stage: A cat that catches fat and live mice and is also capable of fission is a qualified Sinodiet cat.


Fat and live mice mean more incomes for Sinodiet, as well as the huge breakthrough in the new institutional catering era.


Create “one hundred cities, one thousand counties and ten thousand stores” project in 10 fields of the new institutional catering to realize the new institutional catering with energized ecology:

1. New intelligent ecological vegetable market

2. Community health and life service center

3. New central kitchen and students’ nutritional meal project

4. New energy vehicle and urban breakfast project

5. Unmanned restaurant and white-collar lunch project

6. Transportation catering and sightseeing catering

7. “The Belt and Road Initiative” and local brand internationalization

8. Mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and breakout of local delicacy

9. Kitchen waste recycling and environmental protection

10. Mobile banquet and professional banquet take-out


V. Sinodiet 357 capital planning

Create the institutional catering ecosystem of the whole industry chain, create a large scale conglomerate having 3 listed companies in 2025


In 2020, the supply chain platform will be listed, and the number of service restaurants will reach 35,000, and the sales will reach 1.5 billion yuan/year, and the operation of data-based and paperless system will also be realized.

In 2022, the O2O platform will be listed, the number of service restaurants will reach 50,000, the user usage rate will reach 5 million, and the online transaction volume will reach 2 billion yuan/year.

In 2025, Sinodiet industry platform will be listed as a whole, serving 500 companies/year and 150,000 restaurants/year.

In 2025, Sinodiet will become a large scale conglomerate having 3 listed companies, with the annual income reaching 30 billion yuan/year and profit reaching 1 billion yuan/year.


VI. Create a common Sinodiet ideal home for us in our hearts


One center: Focus on the success of the institutional catering business;

Two fundamental points: Wealth growth and capacity (impact) growth;


Stick to the six basic principles:

Focus on the institutional catering industry and industrial chain extension;

Respect to parents unconditionally and have a spirit of great love;

Resolutely abide by the basic principles of "legal, positive, and win-win" and practice a low-key, pragmatic, and persistent spirit;

We must never forget the principle of win-win and shall regard honesty as our life and stick to our commitments; we must adhere to the "positive and constructive" thinking, language and behavior in all occasions, so that people and things around us can go forward to the right direction with more positive energies;

We must adhere to the habitual gratitude, sharing and firewood adding, have a positive sunshine attitude and maintain a positive learning spirit and action;

We intend to create Sinodiet the enterprise where we can learn working skills, just like in schools, with employees well trained, just like the military, with warm feeling, development prospect and end results, just like the family. At the same time, we introduce six 7-year plans for Sinodiet employees:


1. Age 21-28, career exploration stage. Less talk, more work, less complaints, more effort, less entertainment, more learning, more trials and more summary;

2. Age 28-35, entrepreneurship and development stage. “When we see a man of virtue and talent, we should think of equaling them; when we see a man of a contrary character, we should turn inwards and examine ourselves”,  think more and struggle more, undertake more and plan more;

3. Age 35-42, mid-career stage. More knowledge, more attention, more supports, more understanding;

4. Age 42-49, career maturity stage. More investment, more development, more energy, more meditation;

5. Age 49-56, late career stage. More encouragement, more assistance, more dedication;

6. Age 56-63, career mentor stage. More supports, more exercises, more smiles;


Fully promote to realize three “ten billion” projects and one “one hundred billion” ecology. We have an ambitious dream, as President Xi Jinping says: “keep your eyes on the stars and feet on the ground.” Great dreams also require us to work hard step by step.

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